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My Latest Adventure

What better way to teach children about how a story is structured than to get them calling out ideas while a bunch of talented performers turn those ideas into reality. Three actors, a musician, and an illustrator improvising together. That's StorySnorts, a new show of which I'm the Executive Producer with my daughter, Jemma. We'll be in schools across Adelaide throughout 2024 so keep an eye out.

To find out more, visit:

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The Frog Bridge

As Liam comes to terms with the loss of his older brother to a long-term illness, a new kid moves in next door from a strange country far away. To Liam, the new boy is an invader who threatens to destroy the only life he has ever known. But like the tadpoles which slowly turn into frogs under a bridge beside his house, he learns that life is constantly changing, and that true friendship often grows where you least expect it.

Out Now

The Last Firedog Front Cover.jpg

The Last Firedog

When a lightning storm starts a deadly fire at his parents’ wildlife refuge, Reynold Salim is magically turned into a Tasmanian devil. As the fire spreads, Reynold tries to save a runaway devil who holds the key to the species’ survival. His pursuit takes him into the mountains, following a horde of other animals fleeing the flames. Befriended by an orphaned quoll, he experiences the beauty and hardship of living wild, and discovers a secret world existing beyond human eyes, somewhere in the ancient forests of Tasmania.

Out Now

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Dreaming With Eyes Open

To celebrate the 2022 Book Week theme, I recorded a song from the poem of the same title by South Australian author, Mike Lucas. I then created the video below for a bit of fun. I hope you enjoy it.

Little Baby Dragonfly

By popular request, you can download the lyrics for Little Baby Dragonfly from the document to the right. I've used the word Yureidla in the first verse, which I understand to be the word meaning Mount Lofty, used by the Peramangk people who were the traditional owners of the Adelaide Hills.

Verse 1
Gliding 'cross the water of Yureidla Springs

A little baby dragonfly was stretching his wings
Looked high above to see a grey bird coming down
Little baby dragonfly started spinning around

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By author Ian Boyd 

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